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sept 28 goddess

The book is 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco and the following is

Festival of Themis (Greece)


Themes: Justice; Equity; Reason; Morality; Organization; Foresight; Karma; Truth

Symbols: Balanced Items; Scales

About Themis: In Greek tradition, Themis personifies the law in both spirit and deed. She regulates karmic order in the cosmos and presides over matters of moral judgment.
Today, Themis strengthens the voice of consciousness and the gift of foresight within us, becoming a sound counsellor in difficult decisions and offering balanced perspectives.

To Do Today: Bearing in mind Themis's legal theme, tend to any pressing legal matters today. IF a court matter is pending, check on it. If you need to catch up on past-due parking tickets, do so. Themis will help resolve any matter of law in the most equitable manner possible. Should you actually have to go to court today, carry an image of a scale or any balanced geometric figure in your pocket to invite her assistance.
Themis lives in just actions and orderliness, so just by treating people fairly and organizing your day, you invoke her presence.
Throughout the day, take an extra moment to consider the repercussions of your actions, both mundanely and spiritually. Consider this a time to balance your karmic checkbook and make right some wrongs in your life. Also, be honest in your words and thoughts today. This honors and pleases this goddess greatly.
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