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Oberin Hilexander

Goddess for Oct 1

The book is 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco and the following is

Reunion with the Goddess (Southeastern United States)

Cherokee First Woman

Themes: Spirituality; Universal Truth; Unity; Cleansing; Abundance

Symbols: All Animals and Plants

About Cherokee First Woman : This goddess appears in Cherokee myths as an ancestress to the tribe and creatrix of all animals and plants. After the world was first inhabited, Cherokee First Woman continued to give birth to one child a year (this child may have symbolized the new year). Additionally, she motivates the earth's bounty and generates abundance to sustain us through the months ahead.

To Do Today: Around this time of years, Cherokee tribes often hold a festival of offerings meant to celebrate their unity with the Scared Parent and reunite them with this power. One custom easy to follow is that of exchanging clothes with a loved one; this symbolizes oneness among humans, the gods, and each other.
Washing in running water today (shower or tap) will cleanse away any barrier that stands between you and the goddess. If you hold a formal ritual today, place a bowl of water near the circle where each participant can rinse their hands to invoke Cherokee First Woman's blessing and purification.
Finally, drink a tall glass of springwater today to release this goddess's spiritual nature, rejuvenation, and abundance into every cell.
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