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goddess oct. 2

The book is 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco and the following is

Guardian Angel Day (Spain/Europe)


Themes: Mediation; Communication; Magic; Knowledge

Symbols: Angels

About Ennoia : In Gnostic tradition, Ennoia is the goddess of knowledge, intention, and thought. Through her all things were designed and manifested, including the angels. Through Ennoia we can learn the art of magic and how to communicate with angels as mediators between us and the gods.

To Do Today: Today is a time to give thanks to the angels in our lives - those powers and people who protect, inspire, and watch over us. One easily adapted tradition from Spain is that of wearing scarves and bells. These represent the beauty and music angels are said to bear into human life.
Second, take a moment to give back to the people in your life who have been like earthly angels (you know, the fold who bring soup when you're sick, or offer money when funds are tight). Do something really nice for them, or minimally, light a candle on their behalf asking for angelic blessing in their lives.
Finally, try to connect with your guiding angel(s). During your daily prayers or meditation, ask that power to reveal itself in words comfortable to you. Wait, watch, and listen. The angel may reveal itself as the sound of bells or quiet music, with radiant light, or in another manifestations. If the being speaks with you, write down the words and ponder them in the days ahead.
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