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russ' notes on fire

Once again my notes are fairly jumbled up. So I will be partially summarizing them and partially entering them as I had written them.

Fire (the South)

No though/desire of/for harm talks about empowerment, clarity of intent and purpose. For example I am casting a circle to get a job to pay the mortgage. I don't hate the bank for wanting me to pay the mortgage. I don't desire the bank to come to harm. I am trying to stay focused on the goal of getting a job.

Guardians can be thought to be about boundaries.

Fire energy is associated with pleasure, desire, ambition, force, and power.
Fire has long been used as a symbol in religions. Fire has been seen as a gift from the gods. A very two-edged gift. It can heat your home or it can burn it down. Fiery emotions are very much like fire. They can provide you with drive and passion. They can also burn you out.

Magically we are talking about where we put our energy. Anything the human mind can imagine the will can create. The making of a movie is a good example of fire energy in action. It takes desire, will, and empowerment to make a movie. All of which are examples of fire energy.

Magical principle: When you create the thought you have to keep giving it energy to keep it going. For example if I cast a spell to get a job and then sit on my butt doing nothing. It is very unlikely that anything is going to happen. When you cast the spell you start in the east with a thought but you need to continue into the south and give it energy to maintain and move the spell forward. The fire energy from the south sustains and moves the magical working forward.

You sustain your fire energy by having balance, taking care of your body, and taking care of your mind.

Susan suggested that we keep a magical journal. In this magical journal it is suggested that we keep track of how much we sleep and what we eat. Keep track of anything that is external and that we control. This way you can find what you need to be focused on your energy work. Some people need to eat before circle, some people cannot eat before circle, to be able to focus on the magical working.
You need to be mindful of where you draw your energy from. Ask yourself how do you fuel your energy.

The word power can be a scary word with lots of really negative associations.
There are three ways to use power.

Power over: Your are forcing the situation. It`s tyranny, imposition, destructive force. Power over is manipulative. Make sure your magic doesn`t contain these overtones. I.E. don`t cast a love spell to make a specific person love you.

Power under: the poor me syndrome. Please do this for me because I am so helpless. Until I see myself as a whole I am giving away my power. An example of power under would be me saying, `` I need a raise, not because of my merits, but because I am really broke``.
Guilt tripping people is another example of power under. Getting motivated by guilt puts you out of alignment with your center.
Looking backwards with regret is giving up power through power under.

We talked about fuel for your fire. How do I get the energy that I need to do _____? It could be as simple as eating properly and getting enough sleep. Or perhaps dropping a few activities to focus on one.

Fire is about exchange. You exchange carbon and air for heat and light.
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