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goddess for oct. 3

The book is 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco and the following is

Tangun (Korea)

Bear Goddess

Themes: Change; Peace; Devotion; Inspiration; Patience

Symbols: Bears; Wormwood; Garlic

About Bear Goddess : Korean myth recounts the tale of two friends, a bear and a tiger, who wished to be human. To receive this transformation, the two had to stay in a cave eating wormwood and garlic for one hundred days. Unfortunately, the tiger lacked patience, found this too difficult, and left. The bear, however, stayed determined. After on hundred days, she transformed into a beautiful human woman and then bore a son who founded Korea, naming it "the land of morning calm." This quiet peacefulness and devotion is what the Bear Goddess inspires, especially for personal transformation.

To Do Today: In Korean tradition, today is National Foundation Day, the time when Bear Goddess's son founded the country. To commemorate this and strengthen your connection with Bear Goddess, include garlic in your diet today (or, if you're a really devoted garlic fan, add it to one meal a day for one hundred days)!
Should you need improved tranquillity, try visualizing yourself in a deep cave (this is the Bear Goddess's womb). Stay here as long as you wish in your meditations until the quiet solitude saturates your inner self.
Finally, for any personal transformation you need to undertake, carry any image of a bear with you. This will inspire Bear Goddess's tenacity for success.
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