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Blessed Ostara

Ostara, which is usually celebrated on the vernal or Spring Equinox, is a festival to celebrate the triumph of light over darkness, the beginning of Springtide. At this time of the waxing year, day and night become equal. Ostara is also known as the Goddess of both the dawn, and the Springtime.

Ostara is usually celebrated on or around March 21st/22nd. To be precise, it is celebrated when the sun enters Aries.

Witches celebrate this festival as always with much energy and frivolity, ringing bells at sunrise, lighting fires, dancing, singing, chanting and feasting...welcoming the light back into our lives, banishing the darker part of the year, praising the sun for its new found strength and warmth which will now bless us with longer days.

An ancient custom of Witchcraft and Paganism is to decorate and paint eggs in honour of the fertility Goddess. Eggs are one of the most powerful fertility symbols, and were often used in ancient Witchcraft and folk magic to ensure young couples, or animals for that matter produce a healthy offspring. We often paint the eggs in gay colours to symbolise the many different birds from with they come.

In many modern traditions of Witchcraft, it is believed that we must also honour the faeries by leaving them food and drink out on the eve of the Sabbat. Nuts, berries, mead and honey water will ensure that the faeries do not cause mischief to us, or our loved ones, but mostly to thank them for their part in the fertility of the earth.

Ostara has many different names, and many different Gods and Goddess associations, many believe in different histories of how this Sabbat came about, some even dispute the date in which it should be celebrated. However, I believe in true Witchcraft fashion, that this is celebration of life, and light, and new beginnings. The wheel has again turned to another vital part of the year, a time of starting over, out with the old, in with the new. The Sun is growing stronger, the plants we gave energy to at Imbolc are now beginning to thrive.


In with the new spell
(very simple)
written by White Witch

Before thought: I rarely share my spells, as you know. I find it hard to compare my Spellcrafting to most which I read. Often when I follow others spells, I am trying so hard to concentrate on the chant, the words, the positions, that I totally lose the power within me to bring about the changes.
So if you would like to share my simple spell, please read through it first, then alter it to your need. Prepare your items in advance, in a way that you would most feel comfortable carrying it out. Decide if you want to call upon the Gods of your choice, or simply the Goddess, the earth, or the Witch within you. The whole idea of spells as far as I am concerned is bringing out the power within you, the spell itself has no power if you just follow my lead, my power is not in the spell, I "use" the spell to bring my power out. So use this as a guide to open yourself, raise the energy to really bring life to your actions.


paper and writing implements
seeds (of something you would like to plant in your garden)
small shovel/digging implement
watering can
fireproof dish or plate

First tear the paper into enough pieces where you can write at least 10 habits, or things that you wish to rid yourself off. Preferably negative thoughts, and habits that are harmful to you. Write one of each piece of paper, fold it as small as you can, and place in on your fireproof dish.

Next use more pieces of paper to write down at least 10 goals, or wishes, or positive aims for yourself. Maybe something you want to achieve, or learn. Again fold all of these pieces of paper as small as you can. These are to buried in the earth along with your seeds you plan to plant.

Now you must place the fireproof dish next to you (not too close) and sit beside your planting place. I am not going to tell you to cast a circle, this is your choice, or which Gods to call upon, again this is up to you. However you now find it easiest, either first one then the other, or both together, you are to burn your negative pile (the old), and plant and water (along with your seeds) the positive pile (the new). Use your inner energy to meditate and concentrate while doing this. Don't try so hard to follow this spell, that it inhibits your power. If you want to chant, do so, maybe you want to close your eyes and think for a while, maybe you have prepared a poem or some words that you want to say or think at this time. As your plants grow, your positive energies will grow with them. Once your negative papers are all burned, leave them in place and let the wind carry them away.

The power to bring about change is within you.

Once your spell is complete remember to recharge your energies with some sweet drink, or wine or cake.


Ostara Correspondences

Foods: Hard boiled eggs, cake (as always), fruits of the season, nuts, berries, spring vegetables.

Herbs: Jasmine, Rose, Sage.

Plants: Daffodils

Colours: Yellow, green, gold.

Stones: Aquamarine, amethyst, red jasper.

Deities: Ostara, Eostre, The Green Goddess, Lord of the Greenwood, Aries, Artemis, Isis, Cybele, Hecate...to name a few of many.

Spring flowers, daffodils, snow drops (depending where you are, silk flowers as always are just as good, the more brightly coloured the better)

Fertility statues

Nuts, berries, spring vegetables.

Yellow or green altar cloth.

Coloured eggs and ribbons (greens and yellows)


Affirmations in honour of the equinox

I lift my face to the sun and feel a sense of wonder and renewal

I let go of dark thoughts and welcome only positive thoughts in this time of new beginnings

I allow the sunshine to wash over me, filling me with new hope, and light

Written by White Witch
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