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i'm sorry its been a while since these have been posted... and, i'll try to catch up... *sweat drop* theres.. a few months.. so, i'll try to add them one at a time.. *wry grin*

The book is 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco and the following is

Festival of Poets (Japan)


Themes: Art; Creativity; Excellence

Symbols: Poetry

About Izanami-no-kami: In Japan, this creative goddess is considered to have made all things, and she inspires similar inventiveness within us. Traditionally, she is honored through artistic displays, including dance, song, music, and poetry reading.

To Do Today: Every September, poets from across Japan come to the imperial palace to compose verses. Upon receiving a cup of sake floated down the river, each poet must create and impromptu verse. The winner becomes the nation's poet laureate. In keeping with this idea, concentrate on trying your own hand at a little sacred poetry today, perhaps even a haiku. Traditional haiku contains seven syllables in the first line, five syllables in the second line, and seven or five in the last; each line evokes an image or feeling in the reader's mind. Here's one example:

paints the universe

If poetry isn't your forte, engage in another art form through which Izanami-no-kami's imaginative sprit can shine. Ask her for her assistance and inspiration before you begin, and see what wonders her nudge can arouse in you. Or, visit an art gallery, making notes of the things that really strike a harmonious chord in your spirits.
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