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sept 24 goddess

The book is 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco and the following is

Doll Memorial (Japan/China)

Sung Tzu Niang Niang

Themes: Prayer; Kindness; Children: Fertility; Offering

Symbols: Dolls

About Sung Tzu Niang Niang : Called "she who brings children" in the Far East, this goddess has abundant energy that not only generates fertility but also instils a kinder, gentler heart within us. Sung Tzu Niang Niang is said to always listen to and answer prayers addressed to her with compassion.

To Do Today: Traditionally, childless couples bring an offering of a special doll to this goddess today and pray for physical fertility. For couples wishing for natural or adopted children, this ritual is still perfectly suitable. Find any small doll and dress it in swatches of your old clothing, or bind a piece of both partners' hair to it. Place this before your goddess figure and pray, in heartfelt words, to Sung Tzu Niang Niang for her assistance.
On a spiritual level, you can make any artistic representation of areas where you need productivity or abundance and give it to the goddess. In magic terms, these little images are called poppets. For example, stitch scraps of any natural silver or gold cloth together (maybe making it circular like a coin) and fill it with alfalfa sprouts. Leave this before the goddess until more money manifests. Then, give the poppet to the earth (bury it) so that Sung Tzu Niang Niang's blessings will continue to grow.
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