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goddess for sept. 29

The book is 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco and the following is

Quarter Days (England/Scotland)


Themes: Cycles; Time; Luck; Home; Success

Symbols: A Quarter; Calendars; Water

About Niskai : This Western European water goddess has a threefold nature, exemplifying the full movement of time's wheel from birth and maturity to death and rebirth. She instils in us a respect for each season and the ability to use time wisely so that all our goddess-centered efforts will be more successful.

To Do Today: Throughout England, Ireland, Wales, and Scotland, Quarter Days mark the four quarters of the year. It is traditionally a time to pay one's bills in Niskai's timely fashion so that prosperity stays w9ith you. Also, this is a very propitious time to move into a new residence; it brings luck!
To keep Niskai's promptness with you and augment your awareness of the cycles in your lie, try this spell. Begin with a quarter (which is round, representing the Wheel of Time). Place the toke in moonlight for three hours and sunlight for three hours to charge it. Then bless it, saying,
To everything, there is a season;
to every moment, a reason.
For Niskai's timeliness I pray,
every hour of every day.

Carry this in your walled or purse. If, for some reason, you start running late, touch the quarter and recite the incantation again. Then use the quarter to call folks so they don't worry.
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