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goddess for oct. 4

The book is 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco and the following is

Saint Francis Day (Italy)


Themes: Earth; Ecology; Nature; Animals

Symbols: All Natural Objects

About Hybla : This Sicilian goddess presides over earth and nature, tending to all its needs. She also gave birth to humanity and inspires greater earth awareness within us.

To Do Today: Saint Francis of Assisi's life is celebrated today because of his gentle relationship with nature, which he considered a family member (often calling animals "brothers and sisters'). This is why he became the patron of many environmentalists. To remember him and honor Hybla's spirit, which he so powerfully displayed, say a prayer for the earth today. Invoke Hybla's nurturing energy with words like these:
Earth Mother, look upon your child. Look upon the plants - restore the earth's greenery. Look upon the animals and protect them from more harm.
Look upon the waters and purify each drop. Look upon the winds, and cleanse the air. Take the world gently in you caring arms, and love it back into wholeness once more. Amen

Tuck a flower petal or leaf in your pocket or show today to keep Hybla's earth awareness close by. And, if you have pets, today is the perfect time to bless them. Give them specials foods, find nonchemical pest repellents, and pamper them with extra love. Remember, life is a network: showing kindness to one strand extends that energy outward to the web.
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