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Hello readers.
this is hecate, posting a post from spirit haven group event list.
i thought this was really neat, and i'm thinking i'd like to go to a couple events....
anyways, i'm gonna email susan and find out costs and what nots...
if yer interested, let me know and i'll pass on the information!

A day of Interactive Programs, Presentations and Demonstrations
Programmed by BE WELL HEALTH,
as fundraising event for Manitoba Artists in Health Care.

Sunday, Oct. 24th: Chapters Polo Festival, 695 Empress St (Winnipeg)
from 12:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

1:00 -- Becoming Available For Wellness
With Peter Comrie (Life Coach)
We may want to explore "wellness" in our lives - either personal or professional - and move towards more "wholeness" or "abundance" or "achievement" - but are we truly ready? Peter will talk about how to become more open or "available" for the experience of change that is a key factor in integrating "wellness" into our daily lives.

An entrepreneur, lecturer, scholar and student of human dynamics, and a founding member and vice-chairman of Altruvest Charitable Services,
Peter Comrie has turned his scholarly interests into a career of encouraging the development of personal growth and awareness.
Currently president of Glasshammer Communications Group, Peter has inspired listeners for such organizations as The United Way, Bell Canada, Canadian Airlines, and the Canadian Council for Women's Advisory Committee.

1:30 - An Intro to Aromatics and Medicinal Plants
With Carrie Forsythe (Teacher and Owner of Ambrosia Healing Centre)

From the beginning of time, essential oils, incense and perfumes have been used to stir memories, heal the body, arouse sexual desire and generally improve the quality of life. Join Carrie for a comprehensive look at essential oils and medicinal plants and their unique connection to man.

Carrie Forsythe founder and president of the AMBROSIA essential oil and herbal HEALING CENTRE is considered a leading authority on medicinal plants. Having specialized in this field for over 15 years, she has adopted a very progressive and innovative approach to Herbalism, Muscle Energy, Energy Channelling and Aromatherapy. She
works with herbs, medicinal plants and nutrition in a synergistic process advanced for individual well-being and the best state of nutritional health.

2:00 - An N-Chanting Experience
With Beth Martens (BE WELL HEALTH: Music / Meditation / Lifestyle Health)
Enjoy a truly enchanting half hour with the music and magic of chant, as taught by Beth. She will share her journey into this healing musical genre, and perform a number of songs from her two incredible cds. (Available for sale and personalization)

Musician and teacher, Martens' studies of cross-cultural health,
Eastern art traditions, and over a decade of daily yoga and meditation practice, inspired her to write and record two full-length CD's, including original music for yoga, movement and healing. Also a cancer survivor, she has first hand experience in prevention, self-care and lifestyle health. In addition to concerts and workshops, she also provides private consultations to those going through life changes and health challenges with respect to diet, stress management
& life purpose 101.

2:30 - Yoga That Works
With Shauna Ellerby (Teacher and Co-Owner of The Yoga Centre)

Always wanted to know more about Yoga? Uncertain if it might be right for you? Shauna will demonstrate some of the basics poses of yoga, and will be available to answer your questions, as she discussed the benefits of Yoga as a form of exercise, meditation, and personal discipline.

Shauna Ellerby has been teaching yoga for over seven years, and has received her certification from both Kripalu Centre for Yoga and Health and the Yoga Centre Winnipeg. Her style embraces a variety of yoga methodologies, and intends to help students become awake both in their bodies and in their lives in a playful and exploratory way.
Shauna is currently an instructor at the Yoga Centre Winnipeg and Village Yoga.

3:00 - Take Care of Your Anxiety Before It Takes Care of YOU
with Dr. Richard Shore (Clinical Psychologist)

What are the causes of anxiety, and other self defeating psychological conditions? There ARE tools, tactics and other skills that can be developed and used to deal with virtually any negative life condition. You can create change! Join Dr. Shore to gain insight into what you can do.
Audience involvement will be strongly encouraged.

Dr. Shore is a Registered Clinical Psychologist in Private Practice in Winnipeg, specializing in the treatment of adult psychological difficulties including: anxiety, stress, fears, depression, dealing with illness, relationship difficulties, eating disorders and issues of self acceptance.

3:30 - The Holistic Model of Birth: A New Way of Interpreting the Stages of Labour
with Jennifer Summerfeldt (BA., CNC & Holistic Doula and Birth Educator, Co-owner of Earthmother.

Earth Mother was co-created by Jennifer Summerfeldt and Sherry Rothwell. Earth Mother offers an array of holistic birthing services, specializing in Natural Childbirth Classes, Holistic Pre and Post natal Doula support, Natural Health Workshops, and Individual Birth Support/Counselling.

4:00 - A Healing Gourmet Guide – Food for Energy & Pleasure
With Beth Martens
Music / Meditation / Lifestyle Health

You truly are what you eat - and what you eat affects your health for good or ill. Speaking from her own life experience and prodigious research, Beth shares her understanding of food as more than just fuel - as a source of both healing energy, and personal pleasure in both the making and the eating!

4:30 - Beautiful Skin, Healthy Skin
With Rand Smith, Master Herbalist
Beautiful Skin, Healthy Skin"

How can you have healthy skin that shows its beauty naturally? Skin is the largest organ of the body, and truly reflects our overall health and wellness. It reveals "how we ARE" - inside and out.

Rand Smith is an Herbalist with over 10 years experience.
Rand is a writer, lecturer, frequent guest on local television and radio, and a contributor to several health magazines.

Unfolding Wellness with Jin Shin Jyutsu
With Darlene Hare M.T.

Learn about "the Process of Balance" through Jin Shin Jyutsu.
Whether on a Yoga mat, or on the massage table, the intent is to free the body from the holding patterns of the mind and let the body respond to its' primal movement - the breath. The subsequent release of restricted energy patterns strengthens and cleanses the body.
Visit Darlene's demonstration area to find out more!

Darlene has worked in the Healing Arts as a Yoga instructor and Massage therapist for the past 7 years. Her interest in the mind/body system extended her studies from the tradition western model to intense study in the Eastern vision. Helping others help themselves is a primal focus of her work.

It is a free event, held at the Chapters store on Empress and Maroons
Road in Winnipeg.

The presenters are doing a brief (20+minute) talk at their appointed
times at our mainstage, and will then be available for some chat at
their display tables throughout the afternoon. No private sessions,
but an opportunity to ask a few questions and see if they have
services or goods of interest to you.
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