Oberin Hilexander (gargoule) wrote in witchlings,
Oberin Hilexander

wear a purple ribbon

i got this off of one of the pagan lists...and i think this would be a great idea.

All followers of Earth Religions are encouraged to wear a purple ribbon as a way of promoting religious tolerance and to potentially raise awareness:

"On September 21st and 22nd, all witches/wiccans/pagans/... are going to wear little purple ribbons so everyone will know who else is a witch/wiccan/pagan... but no one can do this if they don't know about it so pass the word along!

This message goes to all wiccan and pagan from all sorts of traditions. We can make a day for ourselves, well actually two days!
You can buy a purple ribbon anywhere, dollar store, wal-mart, drug store etc. Wear it in your hair, pin it on your shirt..

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