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goddess of may 18th.

The book is 365 Goddess by Patricia Telesco and the following is

Gawai Dayak (Malaysia)

Boru Deak Parudjar

Themes: Harvest; Blessing; Longevity; Courage; Opportunity

Symbols: Soil; Rice

About Boru Deak Parudjar: The Malaysian creatrix and guardian of life, Boru Deak Parudjar grew bored of the upper realms and jumped away from them as soon as an opportunity opened up. It is this type of adventurous sprit and leap of faith that she inspires today.
In local legend, Boru Deak Parudjar's father sent a bit of soil to the water to await his daughter in the lower worlds. The earth grew to sustain the goddess. This change in the waters made the Naga (a primordial sea serpent) very angry-he wiggled until Boru Deak Parudjar's earth began to cleave, creating mountains and valleys. Which just goes to show the stirring things up sometimes has a good outcome!

To Do Today: Following ancient custom, the elder of a house makes sacrifices and prays poetically for direction, the goddess's blessings, health, and a good harvest. Foods include rice dishes and rice wine. So, add any rice dish to your diet today, rice cereal for Boru Deak Parudjar's growth-orientated energy, rice pudding for her sweet blessings, herbed rice to spice up your life with a little adventure.
When you need a bit of this goddess's courage, place a piece of rice in your footprint) someplace it won't be disturbed). As you put the rice in the imprint, say,
Let courage guide my feet all this day.
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